Sunday, 14 April 2013

Picmonkey, a free photo editing website !

Awesome !
Very much user friendly free online photo editing website !

No doubt Picmonkey is one of the best tools available online for those who want to edit their photos quickly. No registration is required to edit the pics.

Just open the site and upload your photo; choose the options for adding a frame, crop, resize or change the effects, save your 'masterpiece' in your computer, you are done, thats it !

Very handy to edit pics for blogs etc.

Tons of free tools are already there. If you upgarde you will get many additional options.

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  1. I have Photoshop Elements (and apparently a very outdated version!!!), which I love. But not everyone wants to invest in photo-editing software just to do simple edits like cropping. That's great those individuals now have free options.

    1. Hi Stina, thanks a lot for the comment.

      People love picmonkey because it is very userfriendly. Just upload the picture and click the icons for all sorts of edit as well as for picture frames etc. and you are done ! It has many cool options apart from cropping and the usual edit stuff. Try it...

      I also have photoshop but I use picmonkey a lot !

      Picmonkey became immensely popular after 'picnik' was shut.

  2. This is an amazing site. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Welcome Garcia.
      Glad you found this site useful.


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