Wednesday, 12 February 2014

How to add a QR code to your blog ?

Adding a QR code to blogs is real fun :)

Just by installing a simple, user-friendly Quick response (QR code) reader in our smartphone we can easily scan these codes and get all the information coded.

I will describe here the steps in detail to install QR code to Blogspot blogs.
  • First of all we have to generate our QR code. For this there are plenty of  free QR code generator programs available online.  
   I used this, it is very simple !
          It does not have so many options like the following ones, but I found it  

          Follow the instructions and generate your code.

          There are separate options for coding URL, contact details,
          business card / me-card, Facebook QR, Twitter QR etc.
          Select the program from the above list, enter all the details you would like
          to be included and generate code accordingly.

          If you would like to add some color and glitter then go for the second and third programs :)
          Some offer the option of adding your own images, logos etc.
          Please make sure if these services are paid or not; some of these features are free for limited period only :)
          When you are fully satisfied with your code download it in PNG or JPG format as indicated and save it in your
          computer. Clear cut instructions are provided in all these QR code generator programs so it won't be a problem for
          anybody to download the code.

          So now you have this beautiful QR code saved in your computer. We have to test it.

  • For testing it what you have to do is download a good QR reader / scanner app in your phone. Go to google play and search for such programs. I am using   I think this is an awesome app ! Tons of features, even this has a QR code generator too ! It also has a business card widget, flash your business card as QR code :), people can easily scan it and keep in their smartphones :) Brilliant !
          After downloading it in your phone, go to settings and keep default actions after scanning to "ask me" so that you will
          be asked to give permission to what to do after scanning a code. Now open the app and just keep the mobile phone
          cam window in front of the image of the QR code on your laptop / desktop / tablet / iPad screen etc., move the phone
          back and forth to focus and that's it ! It will instantly scan the code, decode and provide you with all the info contained in
          the codes.

          Check if the code that you made has all the details that you wanted. Do the coding again if you would like to edit, save
          again and test. For most of the free programs, there is no edit option once the code is saved so you will have to go
          through the whole process again should you require editing.
  • Now, open the blogger dashboard, click open the "Pages" on the left-hand side and open a "new   page". Show pages as "don't show". Name the post, click "insert image", and insert our downloaded and saved QR code on this page. Save, publish, right click on the QR code image and copy the image URL. Upon right clicking it the drop down menu will show "copy image URL".
  • Now again go to the blogger dashboard, click the "layout" tab. On the right-hand side pane, click on the "add a gadget" tab. Scroll down, select the "html / javascript", copy the image URL there, save, preview, save arrangement and if necessary re-arrange the gadget according to your preference on the blog layout.
Your QR code is now ready for viewing on the blog.

Test it by opening the URL of your blog in different browsers, scan it using smartphone with a good QR scanner / reader installed and enjoy ! Tell all your blogger friends about it and let them scan your blog information into their smartphones easily :)

How about my QR code ?

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  1. huh that is a pretty cool trick...might have to see if i can get this to work out....

  2. That is so cool. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are welcome, Medeia :)
      The other day while roaming our local mall here I scanned a QR code of an outlet from the outside while window shopping :) Cool !

    2. Hi Medeia, even books have this code. So many applications actually. What I think more important as far as I am concerned is all the info on visiting cards can easily be scanned into mobile phones if the card has a QR code. So I look for QR code if anyone hand me their cards; if not I will take a photo of it using my smart phone :)
      Thanks Medeia :)

  3. Wow, you're too far ahead! This is really cool, Rajiv! Sorry for not coming by lately as I've been swamped :<

    1. Thanks Shirley for this cool comment :)
      QR codes are interesting ! Try this please, make your posts much more awesome !
      Relax, be cool and have a wonderful weekend !


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