Thursday, 13 February 2014

Telegram - a new instant messaging app !

We are all familiar with the awesome instant messaging app - WhatsApp :)

What a beautiful application ! I have installed it long ago in my mobile phone, wow, magnificent ! Never had any problems with this beautiful app. So easy to use, very economical, was sending pics, videos etc., etc. :)

Now another wonderful app called Telegram has made its entry ! I installed it too in my smart phone. hmmm...its also awesome !

I researched about these two apps and found out the pros and cons of the two. I am going to share what I have learned here.

Telegram can be downloaded onto our desktop and laptop. So while we are operating our laptop or desktop we can easily use telegram. So there is no need to go for a mobile just to use instant messenger.
The desktop version is still in the beta mode; no problem, I have downloaded it. It works well.

WhatsApp will only load on mobile devices. No WhatsApp on desktops and laptops.

Telegram is fully free, forever. Means no ads, no subscription or any hidden charges. WhatsApp will ask for payment after the first year of use. Telegram is cloud based and takes no significant disk space.
Telegram messages are heavily encrypted so it is very secure.

We can form groups up to 200 members with telegram. Telegram is available in Arabic and English, a Spanish version will be ready soon.

Two interesting features :)
Secret chat  and self-destruct timer for messages !
If you think you need these cool features, Valentine's day is approaching fast, go for Telegram :)

Videos of size up to 1 GB can be shared. No video call or voice messaging, if they incorporate these two, Telegram downloads will skyrocket !

Well, am I going to throw away WhatsApp ? No, I do not believe in 'use and throw policy' :). I have kept both.  I have ChatON too, in built IM of Samsung mobiles :)

Do you use Whatsapp? Tried Telegram ?

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  1. very interesting. thanks for sharing.

    1. Welcome Richard :)
      You use what, whatsapp or telegram?

  2. Thanks for sharing. I don't text or IM too much, but if I ever need to open communications more, it's great various apps exist.

    1. Great Medeia :)
      Should you ever require one you may go for such great apps.

  3. I haven't heard of either of these two apps, but the Telegram on sounds very interesting. And it's especially great that it's free. Thanks so much for the tips. Have a wonderful weekend! :)

    1. Thanks so much !
      Instant messaging is awesome :)

  4. Hi Rajiv, Hope you are having a good weekend... We had more snow this morning --but not as much as we got this past week.

    I do text (sometimes) --but don't instant message. AND--we are not 'up' in the world yet since we still don't have a Smart Phone. ha ha .. We are going to buy an iPhone this spring ---so will enjoy many of the Apps available with that... We are 'mac' people ---and don't use windows at all. Apple offers lots of good apps --which I am sure we'll check out. Please keep bringing us some of this new technology. Thanks.

    1. Thank you so much Betsy :) Snow is cool :)
      iPhone is awesome ! The two apps I blogged work well with iPhone and you sure will not be disappointed. Millions all over the world have downloaded these two apps and are using it, USA included ! Instant messaging is really cool ! Full of fun ! You sure will like it :)
      Mac or Windows ? Debate goes on, latest windows is brilliant ! Some people are Mac, many are windows users. But Android in mobiles is amazing ! Latest Samsung phones are super cool !
      Best of luck, Betsy :)

  5. Telegram transported me to the good-old-days..........

    1. Hi Shirley, thanks for this sweet, nostalgic comment :)
      India put a full stop to the age old Telegram a few months ago. One day apps like these also might become obsolete, who knows !
      Very thought provoking comment, Shirley !

  6. Rajiv thank you very much for memory accesses and comment.
    I send you warm greetings.

  7. Thanks a lot Lucy :)
    Have a nice weekend !


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