Thursday, 21 March 2013

Burj Al Arab, awesome hotel


Burj Al Arab (Arabic = Tower of Arabs), Dubai is a luxurious hotel situated along the coastline of the Emirate of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

The architecture resembles the billowing sail of a dhow, the traditional Arabic vessel.

The architect was Tom wright of Atkins. Beautiful design !

I never tire taking pictures of this wonderful iconic hotel, the above are some that I have taken recently.


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  1. Cool building. I like it's sail shape.

  2. Thank you Sharif for your comment, Yes, this building is cool! I will post more about Burj Al Arab asap !

  3. Thanks a lot for the valuable comment, Theresa.
    Expect more posts about this iconic building very soon.

  4. Love the shape of the building. Amazing to think of how to design something like that.

  5. Hi all, enjoy more pics in the new post today...hope you will love it !

    Thanks a lot,all of you... for the beautiful comments !

  6. Very nice information. Thanks for sharing..


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