Sunday, 2 February 2014

Ice cream


Cool..., tasty, smoothly it melts in mouth
Caramel, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, honey
You name it, we have everything here, enjoy !
Be it low fat, full fat, with or without toppings !

Have it in a cone, order a scoop or two, or a drink
It is what you need this summer, something cool
Try a mixture, two to three flavors, sweet, yummy
Ok...why not ? One more, let it be butterscotch...

Wonderful :) see the smiles all around here, 
No leftovers, ever, nice chatter..., everywhere
Young and old, happy, jolly, it is paradise
Let's make merry, melt away the stress, beat the heat !

So many new flavors, so many wonderful colors
Let it be more in the days to come, never it is excess
It is soothing, delicious, makes the mouth water
Can't say no! Never ! It is a treat, something precious !

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  1. Delicious ! I love mixture vanilla and chocolate :)

  2. ❀✻❀ ✰ ✰ ✰ ❀✻❀
    Un petit bonjour chez toi !
    MERCI pour ce partage gourmand !!!
    J'aime beaucoup les glaces ! Hum !!!

    Bonne semaine
    ❀✻❀ ✰ ✰ ✰ ❀✻❀

  3. Gosh, are you tempting us with ice-creams?

  4. I don't even like ice cream that much, and now I'm craving some! :)

  5. Hi Rajiv, very very impressive quote sbout ice cream. 2 thumbs up for you.
    I love ice cream too, anytime of the day including breakfast. I'm one of the crazy person who eat ice cream with crepe for breakfast and follow with a cup of coffee.LOL

    Have a great day, regards.

    1. Amelia, thanks for this sweet comment.
      Wish you too a great week ahead :)

  6. These are beautiful photos and words about ice cream. But now I want some!

    1. They are very much tempting :)
      Thanks, George !

  7. Ahhhh---love this post, since I love ICE CREAM. I have to be careful not to eat much, so we eat 1 scoop about 2-3 times a week --and that is ALL. I 'could' eat more since I love it so much---but I try to stay in control!!!!!!! ha

    Thanks for making me hungry!!!

  8. Don't know anyone who dislike icecreams:)
    Well, no harm in eating it in moderation.

  9. I am salivating now!!!
    I need ice cream!!!
    Can some1 plz giv me ice cream!!!

    1. Wow, :) yummy !
      Enjoy as much as you like :), are you baskin robbbins, london diary, lazza, amul or meriboy?
      Thanks Thinker, I am honored by your visit and beautiful comment.

    2. I can't choose!!! I want them all!!!
      Give all of them to me :-D:-D:-D

    3. And sir is mein honored ki kya baat hai? Aap mujhe sharminda kar rahe hain!!! :-)
      I love blogging and reading other's blogs too
      I just happen to come at ur blog by chance and found it superb
      I mean all these places u hav been to are too fun!!! I hav a whole list of places where I want to travel and u r an inspiration!!!
      Lovd all ur pics!!!
      Thnx for reading my blog too, hope u likd it though it is full of crappy crazy teenage stuff but thats my life rite now!!!
      Thnx once again!!!

    4. I consider everyone of my blogger friends special people. I am honored by their visits to my blog, blog follow and lovely comments about my posts :)

      Happy to note that you like my blogs :) Thanks :)

      Wow, I am quite sure that you will travel all over the world one day !

      Do not forget to carry a notebook, make notes of interesting things you see while traveling and share your detailed travelogue online. There are so many people who love to read travelogues and travel tips. It helps them when they travel to those places. Even simple things do really matter when we make travel plans like how to get there, ticket fare, accommodation options, food, availability of toilets, ATM etc.etc.

      Your blog is wonderful ! Exactly like a teenager's and that makes it beautiful !

      I envy you because you started blogging at a very early age and that makes it much more beautiful. After some time you could apply for adsense by google which as you might already be aware will fetch you some extra pocket money :)

      As I gather from your blog profile you are going to appear for CBSE 12th final exam. So now is the time for fully focused studies. Skip online activities for the time being and give one hundred percent concentration upon your studies to pass the board exam in flying colors. Okay?

      Best of luck !


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