Saturday, 20 July 2013

Gmail update, tabs, a cool feature !

A good news !

Gmail has introduced a new tab system to categorize emails. Before all the emails containing conversations, notifications, updates etc. were filling our inbox. Decluttering and making folders to categorize them required a lot of time. I experienced this problem when I joined G+. All the G+ notifications were pouring into inbox making it difficult to find other important messages.

Thanks Google, we now have the tabs in place. They have introduced this feature very recently.

The tabs are   PRIMARY          SOCIAL            PROMOTIONS           UPDATES      FORUMS      

By default the first three are are present when we open the gmail inbox. There is a + sign after the PROMOTIONS tab, clicking it will open a window through which we can add the last two tabs , if needed. Easy...!

PRIMARY - Person to person conversations.

SOCIAL - Messages from soocial networks, media-sharing sites, online dating sites etc. G+ notifications will go here.

PROMOTIONS - Deals, offers and other marketing emails.

UPDATES - Personal, auto generated updates like confirmations, receipts, bills etc.

FORUMS -  Messages from online groups, discussion groups, mailing lists.

Cool feature ! One of the best !

Thanks Google ! 

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  1. Wanted to sign up for gmail a/c but too bad, luxuryhaven has been taken :< Hence, I'd to go to hotmail instead. Nice features!

  2. Thank you so much, Shirley.

    These features are really cool !

    The internet is full of praises for Google for this excellent feature.


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