Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Iddali - a South Indian dish!

Iddali (Idli) is a delicious south Indian dish. 

The above-shown platter contains standard sized idlis, very tiny idlis (cute, isn't it?), sambar, and a fried extra hot chilli 😊. Sambar is a vegetable stew like that contains potato, ladies finger, tomato, big onion, various spices etc. Very flavorful dish!

A special steamer rack that has very small depressions is needed to make small sized Iddalis. Iddali is made by grinding rice and urad dal (black gram) and kept fermenting overnight. A little salt is also added to the dough during preparation. Various methods are prevalent in different regions and the ingredients also may vary from place to place. Nevertheless, Iddali is a wonderful dish enjoyed by everyone here.
I like iddalis very much!
There is a side dish which is a must, of course, that I haven't shown here! Chutney (Chammanthy), made by a paste of coconut scrapings, chilly and salt. Here too, there are so many methods with different types of ingredients.


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Amelia said...

Hi Rajiv, I like this snack but usually buy from Indian restaurant. That little mold look so cute, first time I see this mini size. Thanks for sharing.

Have a great day ahead.

Beena.stephy said...

Adipoli ayetunda . cute idlies


Hi Amelia, thanks a lot for this sweet comment. Whenever I post something new I look eagerly for your beautiful words.

Iddali is something you can prepare very easily. We eat iddalis almost everyday. This is a popular Keralite breakfast dish; it has become an anytime dish now-a-days, though !

Keralites call it 'iddaly', elsewhere it is 'idli':)

So there are Indian restaurants serving iddalis in Indonesia? Wow !

I decided to post this when I was served mini and standard sized iddalis today morning :) Never thought mini iddalis will be a hit online,lol !

Thanks again !


Thanks a ton for the compliments. You are a culinary expert and such a wonderful comment from you is very valuable.

We bought this mini steamer rack from Broadway, Cochin about 4 years ago. Rarely only it will come out from the store to enchant us with mini iddalis :).

We had some north Indian guests recently that encouraged the culinary department personnel at home to prepare mini iddalis along with standard sized ones. They liked it very much and were all wow, wah, when they saw the cute ones.

However, I thought why not blog it !

Valare nanni !

ciornaofca said...

Yes! it's so cute! :D i wanna taste this some day! :)


Thanks a lot !
Oh, what to do ? Are there any Indian restaurants in Poland?

alea said...

best wishes:*


Thanks !
Please visit again and add comments.